Googley Eyed Fish

Luke has never really acted afraid of much. He was scared of the vacuum at first. . . but usually he doesn't get very scared. There is really only one thing that has always had him a little freaked out. My mother-in-law has a some bath toys in the bathroom where Luke takes his baths (because I'm living at my in-laws for those who may have forgotten), and among them there is this googley eyed fish.

I put it in the tub the first time I put him in the big boy tub and he started screaming! I have brought it out a couple times to see if he was still scared of it and he would always flinch. Today, however, he gave a very interesting response. He started laughing a weird laugh like he couldn't decide if he was laughing or freaking out. It was like he thought it was supposed to be funny and was trying to laugh but was really worried about this fish. I might be mean. . . but I got out my phone and recorded his reaction.


Shay said…
It's so funny what kids are scared of! But, I would be scared of that fish too!!