About a month ago

So I just uploaded pictures from my camera on to my computer and realized it has been a while. Looking at the pictures I realized I had meant to post about Luke's cousin Braedan coming over to visit.

Last month my nephew Grant went in for surgery to fix his cleft palate. During the surgery they decided it would be too risky and stopped and sewed him back up how he was when they started. It was really disappointing especially for my brother Nate and his wife Stacey. Grant had a swollen trachea and it some other complications the left him unable to breath with out the tube they'd put down it to give him oxygen. Anyway... They were stuck at the hospital for a week or so and so Grant's brother Braedan and sister Emma needed to visit family so that Nate and Stacey could be with Grant and make decisions with the doctors. We got to have Braedan come visit us for a couple of days and Luke LOVED it! He thought Braedan was funny and fascinating. He would crawl over to him and try to touch his face (try meaning I would repeatedly stop his hand before he got to Braedan and he would keep trying anyway) then laugh and look at me in amazement. Braedan enjoyed laying in Luke's vibrating rocking chair and even played with the arch of toys when I put them on for him. He is a very happy content baby and so I figure I could probably handle another baby... we'll see if that happens. :) Tyler on the other hand, took care of the two of them for 20 minutes while I went to get pizza and Braedan had the worst blow out in the world and while Tyler was cleaning him up Luke grabbed a cup of water and spilled it and then cried and basically all heck broke loose. I couldn't believe that as soon as I left everything exploded on him! I guess that is the reason I say we'll see if we have another haha, Tyler's not convinced on the subject. The only thing that was hard for me was meal time because Braedan wasn't (isn't?) old enough to know how to hold his own bottle and so as I gave him a bottle Luke got upset and wanted the bottle or wanted to be fed himself. Tyler suggested after the ordeal that I should have given Luke a bottle of water so he had his own. He's smart. I didn't think of trying that. See! He could handle another kid too! ;)

So anyway, here are a couple cute pictures I took of Luke and Braedan playing... They are basically the same thing but I like them both and couldn't choose which one I wanted to post.


CUTE! You can totally tell by looking at those pictures that Luke will be an excellent older brother. And yes, I DID say "will". So, take that, Tyler ;)
Anonymous said…
fun pictures! Sorry to Tyler for Braedan's mess, he's been doing that a lot lately, maybe its the new diapers. Can't wait til they are old enough to really play with each other!