Cute Mess

Luke has always spit up... a lot. When someone wants to hold him I hand them a cloth to catch the spit up and try to let them know that I'm serious when I say they'll need it. Most people don't take me too seriously at first and then they get drenched and I feel bad because it's gross... but I can't say I didn't try to warn them. I'm not going to sit there and hold the cloth by his mouth for them, but if you notice, I usually hold the cloth against his chest under his chin in case he does this (which is a very mild example of his norm):
Anyway, I told Luke's pediatrician about this annoying issue during his 2 month check up and he told me to pull him off while he's eating and burp him, then burp him after he's done on each side. I did it and it didn't help. I stopped trying to do this after Luke started getting very annoyed that I was interrupting him in his happy eating state.

As Luke's grown and gained more control over himself, he has learned how to swallow it back down (sounds gross but believe me it's wonderful compared to him letting it run out). He doesn't always, but he does a lot better than he used to.

At Luke's 4 month check up, Luke's ped. told me I should start Luke on wheat cereal. I told the ped. that Luke still spits up all the time and that burping him in the middle of each side wasn't helping. He told me it might be little reflux and that he'd probably get over it when he started to spend more time upright rather than laying down.

I've noticed that the cereal cuts back a ton on his spitting up (except during and right after tummy time), but I have a new mess. This mess is ok though because it isn't spontaneous and it's kinda cute.

This is Luke saying "Whoa! Mom what did you just put in my mouth?!"

And then he decided "hey, that's kinda good..."

What good would eating cereal be if it wasn't all over your face?
I'm pretty sure he was really saying something here... but I'm not fluent in baby yet.

He finished his first bowl of cereal! "Tada!" He's feeling pretty victorious and so am I.

Yesterday's bowl of cereal was a particularly messy one... but I thought he was cute. I guess I always think he's cute though so that doesn't make much difference. Here are a few pictures.

Here he is feelin' pretty confident in Grandma Sargent's table sitter.

This face is saying "why do you keep holding up that thing in front of me?"
Can you see the cereal running down his chest?

How about now?

Can you see it in his eye lashes?

What a cute boy!
He was such a mess! Lukily, he hadn't had a bath yet, so I filled it up and set him right in it.


Whatever. We all know he cruised around with dried crusty cereal plastered onto his face, on his chest, up his nose, and in his eyelashes for 3 days before you bathed him ;)

hahaha! Just kidding!
Shay said…
Cute, but wow that is a mess! I can't believe how big he is getting, eating cereal and everything!
Amanda Leigh said…
Hey girl! Havent talked to you in a while. Just started blogging again and saw yours on Kelseys, I HOpe your doing well. Your little boys is SO adorable.