Want to know how to tell if Mother Nature's upset with you for some reason? She pushes you away when you try to spend time with her. Here's an example:

Tyler and I decided it would be fun to go camping for the weekend. He was able to get off work a couple of hours early on Friday so we could get an early start. I put Luke in his chair for his nap right before we loaded up so I wouldn't have to try to move him when we were ready to go. So we got our things in the car and went to the store to get stuff for s'mores and some other things. We went to Huntsville to camp in the canyon that leads to Causey Dam. We drove up to the dam because Tyler wanted to show me before we set up camp... which was just enough time for every last campsite to fill up. I mean every campsite in all 8 campgrounds in Huntsville! Well we were disappointed but we thought we'd just go up Sardine Canyon to Mantua and stay in Boxelder Camp Ground because Tyler said he'd be there a lot during high school last minute and it had never been full. Well this isn't high school anymore, this is real life. In real life, the campground gets full before we can get there and claim a spot. Determined to camp and spend time in nature, we continued through Sardine Canyon and went up Logan Canyon to find that all of their campground were also full. At this point it was 10:00pm. We'd been driving for 5 and 1/2 hours. Just down the road when you get out of Logan canyon you'll find yourself at Green Canyon. We decided it was worth a shot because it doesn't really have any water or anything to do pitch a tent so it seemed like a possiblity. We drove up the rocky dirt road and clear up almost to the top we saw a fire pit off the side of the road and there weren't any tents or cars by it. we pulled over and I walked around. It was a hill... and there weren't any trees to create a private camping area... there was just a pile of rocks that looked like they were supposed to be a fire pit. It wouldn't work, we didn't want to sleep on a hill all night. So disappointed, annoyed and frustrated, we went home.

Today (Saturday), we got a call from our friends Summer and Jeff, who we had invited to go camping with us but weren't able to join us (not that they ended up missing out on anything). They wanted to know if we would like to go find a campsite and make tin foil dinners and roast marshmallows and things for the evening. We agreed that it would be fun IF we could find a campsite. We drove up Farmington canyon to Sunset campground, and looky there! Campsites! Really?! Right next door in Farmington there were campgrounds available? So we started a fire and got the food cooking and before it could finish it started raining. Luke and I sat in the car to get out of the rain. When the rain let up a bit I put Luke's jacket on him, wrapped him up in his blanket and took him back up to the table. But it started pouring. I set Luke in his car seat and gave him a toy. Our food finished and we ate... getting soaked the whole time. When it stopped letting up and just kept getting worse we decided it was time to pack up. Some picnic... oh yeah, it was an adventure. Right?

Well, ok Mother Nature, you obviously don't care to spend the quality time with us that we want to share with you so we'll take the hint. We'll just go home and leave you alone! Well... at least until next weekend, after I have a chance to reserve our very own campsite. Then there will be no excuse! We will camp, we will fish, and we will smell like campfire!


Shay said…
LOL! That is an adventure. I wish you luck next weekend. We had planned on playing at Grandma Bushman's park last night and then it started pouring. Now I know that I have you to blame for that! Haha!
Jeff and Summer said…
Bre...only very rarely do you get to smell the lovely stentch of WET campfire. Nothing beats that! :) We'll have better luck next time!
Grandma Bushman said…
I am doing Birthday Dinner for your mom on Sunday the 15th. Hope you will be back from camping and come to the party:)