3.5 Months of Motherhood

Do you ever feel like it's been longer than it has since a significant event took place... but still look at the time in awe because the time is flying by? Well the 3 and a half months since Luke was born feel that way. I can't believe he'll be 4 months old in a couple of weeks, but at the same time it feels like it's been 6 months since that crazy event!

Well I haven't written very much, but that is because I haven't had the internet. Well now I do for a while. Tyler and I decided not to sign another contract for our apartment right now because we are hoping that in a few months we'll be able to buy a place. So for the next few months we're living in his mom and dad's basement again. It isn't so much fun not living in our own apartment, but we decided it would be worth it if we can buy our own place and live there for more than 6 months.

So as far as updates go, Luke was given his name and a blessing on June 6th. It was perfect, I got Luke to sleep during the opening song and handed him off to Tyler. Luke slept through his blessing and that way Tyler didn't have that distraction on top of being nervous. There was a baby girl blessed right before Luke and she screamed through the whole thing. After her father got the naming part done, he started the blessing and only got out like 2 things. I don't think he could think over her screaming. I was very grateful that Luke stayed asleep. If you want to see more pictures from his blessing you can just click on the picture of him right above the "About the Sargents" section on the side column and it will take you to my picasa web album.

Another fun thing is that Luke got a jumper. He has always liked standing up and will try to stand up when anyone is holding him. A week or so ago he started trying to bounce a little while he was standing with people so we thought we'd see how he'd like a jumper. He loves it, but he's still a little young for it so it doesn't quite go short enough for him. But it's ok because I have textbooks that have never had a better purpose in their whole lives than being used as foot stools for Luke in his jumper.

Also here's a funny story about Luke in his jumper. Shortly after putting him in it, we noticed that if he gets startled at all while he's in it he looks like he's trying to run away. So I decided I better record it because it's really funny. Here's the video of him running for it in his jumper....
Some day I'll capture Luke's full laugh and post it for everyone. He's been laughing for a while now but it usually take a while to work him up into a real laugh and keep him laughing. He smiles really easily and gets excited and flings his arms and legs around and squeals, but his laugh he waits to let loose until he's really sure something is supposed to be funny. It is very contagious though!

That's about all the news about Luke and motherhood that I have to share. He's a sweet boy and he an I are learning how to tell when he's at the perfect amount of tired to sleep. We're getting better and he's happier when we get it right.... and so are we!


kimmers said…
That video is pretty freaking funny. Thanks for the laugh! He is so big!
Grandma Bushman said…
thanks for sharing - I guess the jumper chair was a good thing. Love you all - Grandma Bushman
Shay said…
I love that video it makes me laugh!