Fredrico's Pizza and Engagements

Once upon a time I started working at Fredrico's Pizza. I started out by taking the pizzas out to people one night, and rolling out the dough on another. It was fine and dandy; life was good. So then, my boss said, "I know you're still really new, but I need a shift supervisor and your name keeps coming to mind. how about it?" So then he gave me the Wednesday night and Thursday night shifts for supervising.

So last night I was standing there rolling out the dough (because my dish dude was sick and I had to have my roller dude wash the dishes) minding my own business, when the girl making the salads came back to me and said "are you LDS?" I was a little surprised because she seemed so anxious for my answer. I told her I am and she said "ok, well this guy just came in, and he looks JUST LIKE L. Tom Perry! I don't think it's really him, but you should come look at him because it is crazy how much he looks like him."

After I finished what I was doing, I went out and pretended like I was talking to the salads girl and looked at the man. He really did look JUST LIKE him! I told her "it couldn't be him, he's too tall!!! Isn't L. Tom Perry short?" We agreed that it probably wasn't him and went back to our work, still thinking about it. I went out a minute later and the man had taken a seat to eat his dinner. When I saw him sitting there it was like this connection was made in my mind: a picture of L. Tom Perry sitting in his chair on the stand during general conference flashed in my mind, and it looked just like this man now that he'd sat down. I turned to the salads girl and directed her attention to the now sitting L. Tom Perry looking man. I told her "it's gotta be him! sitting down? He looks just like when he's on the stand!!!"

Well people... L. Tom Perry really was sitting there and really is THAT TALL!!! I remember someone telling me once that one of the apostles was surprisingly tall, but I forgot it was him and refused to believe he was so extremely tall. It was neat though. There was definitely a good feeling in the place while he was there and we all agreed it was like out spirits were excited to be around such an awesome servant of the Lord.

For the second item of business, Tyler and I had my wonderful cousin Brittney take our engagement photos on monday and they turned out AMAZING! I'm going to post a few of my favorites. If you'd like to see more look on my facebook. I put a ton of them on there.

There were definitely some awkward pictures as we tried to get that dip kiss down. I love this picture though!!! Good job Brittney!This was our attempt at leap frog... don't worry he just landed on my head right after this shot. I think we will stick to games like volleyball and basketball from now on. :)
haha... oh I'm marrying a funny man. You can tell I was having a hard time keeping a straight face because I knew what he was doing and I started laughing.
We were laughing in a lot of pictures. I love this one though. It's kinda candid and fun. There are about a million pictures and I love them all. I put these up because none of them will be on the announcement and they are so fun. I thought you'd all like to see them.

P.S. If anyone is waiting for me to finish registering... don't worry I really am working on it. I'll be there today... walking around with the scanner.


Amy said…
yeah, he is tall. For some reason that always throws me off too - he just looks shorter behind the pulpit than others do...not sure why. BUT if you'd heard his voice you would've known for sure it was him. He sounds EXACTLY like him. :)

Also, LOVE the engagement pics, can't wait to spend an hour looking at the facebook ones this weekend. :)
Shay said…
That is so fun that you got to see him in person. I'm sure that just being in the same room is an amazing feeling! I love your pictures! You two are just so cute! :)