A Forced Run

Some days it is difficult to get out of bed.... others it is nearly impossible. My alarm went off this morning, and as has become a bad habit lately... I reset it for about 30 minutes later. This morning I rationalized that I only had one class and I could just come back from class and get ready for the day. This happened about 3 times until I only had 20 minutes to get up and get ready for class. As I finally started getting ready to go, I realized (as I do every time.... you'd think I'd learn) how quickly the time was passing, and how little time I really had before I needed to be walking out the door. I know it is just that I'm not thinking straight when I'm lying there in bed feeling warm and cozy, but after several mornings of hurrying thinking "why do I do this to myself?!", it seems like I would just get up the first time my alarm goes off. (I'd have more energy that way too, I know...)
Anyway, I hurried out the door to speed walk to class. At least I'm getting some exercise... It takes 15 minutes for me to get to class if I'm hurrying really fast... meaning running up the long stairway up Old Main and speed walking every where else. As I left the house with about 10 minutes before class should start I plugged in my iPod for some motivating tunes to hurry to. I got the the rather steep hill right out side my apartment and felt a sudden burst of energy (due to my hatred for walking into class late), and decided to run up it. I don't think running up that hill is a whole lot faster than walking to be honest... it is so steep I'm sure all I'm doing is getting my heart rate up. Reaching the top, I slowed to a fast walk to catch my breath. Ok, I guess I must have had 11 minutes because now I only had 9. I reached the stairs and started taking them by twos.
"Please.... can't I just turn around and go back to bed?!"
Now I'm to the stairs up Old Main... well... here we go. I took the first flight by twos and ran across the flat stretch to the next flight.
"Who put these stairs here?!?!?!"
I didn't quite have enough umph to keep going at twos, but I ran up to the top, passing everyone else and feeling dumb.... "why on earth is that crazy girl running up the stairs?? who DOES that?"
After running to the top of Old Main, I promise there is nothing you want more than to stop and lie down... but this is the final stretch. As if I were my own personal trainer I had to encourage myself to keep hurrying. oops, dropped my phone. Keep going! I bent down to pick up my phone while still walking.... yes it was intense.
Alright, the final stretch, lets make those calves burn!
I leaped up the short set of steps to the business building and felt the heat from the building leaking out through the doors.... "gross, don't make me go in there!!!" The business building has some serious temperature regulation problems. The the main floor and the second floor are like a sauna, and you turn into a Popsicle in the basement. As I took the stairs to the second floor ( yet again by twos) I notices some people coming down the stairs who looked familiar.
"Well, all of my classes are in the business building but big band swing... I'm sure that is how I know them."
... "wait a second, no they're coming from my classroom!" so as people walked out of the classroom, one guy saw me from across the room and shook his head as if to say "no class today!"
"what?! I literally RAN to class for nothing?!... great."
I turned around and hurried to the bus stop... shortly before the bus got there.... keep in mind this is the bus that was pulling up to the bus stop by my house at the same time that I was hurrying past it. I not only beat the bus to class, but got to the bus stop in enough time to ride it back down to the stop by my house!
When I got home, I pulled out my computer. I decided (as I mechanically opened Facebook) that I'd check and see if any of my teachers had posted any new grades online. As "Blackboard", the school's online service, came up, I saw that I had a new e-mail under my economics class.
" You've got to be kidding me..."
"I realize that you all want to have class Thursday (chuckle-chuckle), but I've decided to cancel class Thursday.

Enjoy your LONG fall break."
The best part is he sent this out YESTERDAY afternoon! I totally could have slept in if I just checked Blackboard half as often as I check Facebook! Instead I went for a forced morning run. Thank you Mr. Econ Teacher for helping me get my exercise for the day.


Shay said…
Awesome!! That was a great story! I love that your teacher posted it yesterday and you weren't the only one that went to class. That's funny! Good job on beating the bus, you are pretty amazing.
Amy said…
ha ha ha! This sounds like literally every single morning of my life at the Business College. Minus like 3 flights of stairs. :)